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Open House

The First Zen Institute of America is open to the public every Wednesday evening 7:30 to 9:30 at 113 East 30th Street in Manhattan. This open house gives those who are new to the Institute or to Zen Buddhism a way to acquaint themselves with the Institute's facilities and activities, and to experience Zen practice.

The open house is an opportunity to learn about the history of the Institute, to formally practice Zen meditation in a traditional Rinzai meditation hall, and to enjoy an informal tea with senior members who volunteer their time. If you have no meditation experience instruction is available. The formal meditation consists of two twenty five minute periods and a brief reading from a Rinzai Zen Master. Traditional robes are available. There is no Zen Master in residence nor are there scheduled classes in Buddhism.

Visitors are welcome and are free to ask questions they have about Zen and the Institute's activities. There is no cost. Guests can become members of the Institute if they wish to participate and support its programs.

The Zendo at the First Zen Institute

The Library at the First Zen Institute

The First Zen Institute's Backyard Bamboo Garden